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Morning Weddings: Are they a thing?

Yes!! Morning weddings are a thing and let me tell you why I think there should be more morning weddings.

I actually had my wedding in the morning.

It was amazing. It was in June and the mornings were still mild. We had breakfast while getting ready and then we were off to the venue to the ceremony. I couldn’t have asked for a better day. As the sun was settling, my husband and I left for our hotel and then had our wedding dinner at Jonah’s On The Beach in our wedding clothes. Meanwhile, all our friends ended up heading out for dinner and drinks and partied on. It was great.

Most people think that a wedding needs to be held in the afternoon at 3pm. I’m not sure why this is the magical time except for the sole fact that they can then get photos done for an evening reception. I can see the appeal in this but I also see the potential of bringing the wedding to earlier in the day.

But why not have the reception as a lunch instead? Having your ceremony at 10am with a lunch to follow makes perfect sense for every day of the year.

Firstly, most ceremony and reception venues are available. This means you get the pick of the litter of the locations for both. You may even be able to negotiate on price with some vendors as they would still be able to accommodate for an afternoon ceremony/ evening reception.

Secondly, if you have ever been to a 3pm wedding you know how HOT it can get. If you have the ceremony in the mornings the days hasn’t heated up yet so it is more mild. You can follow this with the reception in an airconditioned venue to escape the days heat.

Thirdly, once your wedding is over and done with you can go out to dinner at a nice restaurant or even at your favourite food truck. Just you and your new husband or wife having your first romantic meal, drinking cocktails, beers and wine and just absorbing what you have actually done that day. You can even wear your wedding outfit!!

Finally, if you have a winter wedding, a daytime reception is a nice change from the cold ceremonies where the wedding party (usually the bride and her bridesmaids) are freezing their butts off.

These are just a few of the reasons why morning weddings are a great idea and I hope it has inspired a few of you to think outside the box and see what other possibilities there are to make your wedding day memorable and special for you xx

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