Services and Fees

Venue: Hunter Valley Gardens Photographer: Waterfield Photography

Photographer: Waterfield Photography     Venue: Hunter Valley Gardens

Before booking, I offer an obligation free meeting to make sure I’m the person you want performing your ceremony. At this meeting we can discuss what it is you are after, make a rough plan, talk about the process from booking through to the ceremony date and beyond. I can answer any other questions you might have so we can easy any anxiety you might be having.

Below is s summary of the services and fees that I offer. If you need a Celebrant to help facilitate your event but doesn’t fit the below descriptions, then contact me to have a chat.

Wedding Ceremonies

To me, a wedding ceremony is the most important event of your wedding day. Yes, the reception should rock your socks off but the ceremony sets the tone and mood for the rest of the day. 


Standard Wedding Ceremony 

Your wedding day is all about you both and your relationship. This is why I write ceremonies based on your story as a couple. This includes how you got to this point of getting married, why it is you love each other and your future dreams together.  

Each ceremony is personally written according to the couples wishes. If you want it long, short, simple, all the bells and whistles… I’m your gal. We catch up either through face to face meetings, phone calls, emails, texts, facebook, etc and I get all the information I need to write the ceremony. You’ll receive a draft for your approval because I want you to love the ceremony as much as I do. 

I do all the paperwork needed including to get you legally married but I also apply for the Certificate of Marriage for you through Births, Deaths and Marriages as a part of me fee (cost is $60 if you apply yourself).  

Music? I got it sorted!! I organise and play the music for you through the PA system.  

On the day of your ceremony, I arrive approximately one hour before the ceremony starts. This ensures that everything is set up, the area is clean and safe. Most importantly, I liaise with the photographers, venue and videographers and to also direct and manage guests to make sure everything is running smoothly. I also stick around to help with photos and anything else that may arise. 



Rehearsals are always recommended (but optional) as there are many elements that need running through prior to the wedding day. This is so we nut out who does what, when and how? We cover choreography, logistics and timing from music, reading, how to stand and when things happen.  


Simple Wedding Ceremony 

These ceremonies are a step up from a registry style ceremony but are not personalised like a standard wedding ceremony. You get to add your own vows, music, etc but your story isn’t told and goes for a lot shorter in time.  


Registry Style Wedding Ceremony 

If you just want the legal stuff and don’t care for the fluff then Registry Style is for you. We just need a minimum of you both (the couple), 2 witnesses and myself but no more than 8 people in total. 

All legal paperwork is covered including the application of your Certificate of Marriage. 

Other Ceremonies

Commitment and Vow Renewal Ceremonies 

You want to show the world you love each other but don’t need the legal stuff. I still add in all the good stuff and your involvement will be as much or as little as you want in the ceremony process.  


Naming Ceremonies 

You have created a wonderful and amazing human being and you want the world to know!! So let’s have a naming ceremony so you can formally introduce him/her. This is an opportunity to make a promise to your child, assign Godparents/ Life Guardians and welcome him/ her into your life and community. You child can be as young as a newborn up to the age of 18.  

These ceremonies can be as long or short as you wish and will be written about your child. We will have about 1-2 meetings (either face to face or over the phone) and I will write the ceremony based on what you want to include plus access to my PA System and small table (if needed). I will also present you with a certificate for the child and godparents and a booklet for you to keep from the day.  


Affirmation of Identity, Coming of Age & Other Ceremonies 

Sometimes we need someone to help guide us and facilitate a special ceremony. Whether it be a ceremony for you to affirming and embrace your identity, to celebrate your change into adulthood in a coming of age ceremony or a naming ceremony for an adult…. I’m here to help you with this. We will work together to create a ceremony that reflects your ideas, dreams and aspirations. 

Price Guide

I am a professional, full time celebrant and I take pride in what I do as a career. My fees reflect the time, resources and energy put into creating a day to remember and they vary depending on what you need and how far I need to travel. 

I have a PA system, signing tables and chairs available for your use at no extra charge. 


Weddings:                    from $850   

Simple weddings:                    from $700   

Registry Style:                    from $550 

Witnesses (per person):                    from $50     

Naming Ceremonies:                    from $400 

Vow Renewal and Commitment Ceremonies:                    from $500 

Affirmation Of Identity, Coming Of Age & Other Ceremonies:                    from $400  

Note: All prices are subject to consultation and vary based on travel, etc. All wedding ceremonies include the official Certificate Of Marriage which is usually a $60 fee (included).